Straight and angled cleats can be vulcanised or cold glued to both PVC and PU conveyor belting. Cleats can vary in height from 25mm to 100mm.

They are very common in many areas of agriculture. Angled cleats are popular when lifting heavy produce up an incline eg melons and pumpkins. Round top cleating is used to prevent fruit bruising on the top of T cleats, they are commonly used for mangoes and potatoes.

“A” and “B” section tracking is often run across belts to form cleats on picking boom belts and on picking trailers in the field to give round fruit positive drive.

Remember – the bigger the cleats, the bigger the drive roller diameters.

Tanged elevator bolts

Empty elevator conveying belt

Conveyor belts on a melon picking trailer in the field


Tracking is generally fitted to the underside of a conveyor belt either in the centre or on the outer edges.

“A” section tracking is the most common profile and it is used as an aid to prevent the belt from wandering from side to side on the conveyor. Especially if fruit or cartons are constantly fed onto a belt from a cross conveyor.