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For over 15 years, Conveyor Supplies NQ has been supplying the conveyor belt requirements for our banana packing sheds and processing operations in North Queensland. Brian has also brought several new products to us over the years for trial and use. He has a deep insight of the banana industry and provides a range of quality products with a high level of service whenever required.

Mackays Bananas

Rapisarda Enterprises uses Conveyor Supplies NQ for PVC conveyor belts, motor drives, fruit brushes as well as conveyor parts and accessories to sustain our melon picking and packing operations at Clare on the Burdekin River. With many mechanical harvesting machines and packing shed belts we require quality products and excellent service delivery. We can recommend Conveyor Supplies NQ to northern producers.

Rapisarda Enterprises

Conveyor Supplies NQ has supplied Corrick Plains with picking and packing belts for our zucchini and mango operations in Giru for over 15 years. Brian worked with us to develop special belts for our mango picking machines. We source all of our belting and conveying requirements from Conveyor Supplies NQ.

Corrick Plains

As large producers of melons, capsicums, and mangoes – we need suppliers who understand our needs and who can provide quality conveying products in a timely manner. Conveyor Supplies NQ has been supplying North Queensland Fresh for over 10 years with PVC belts, lagged rollers, fruit brushes, coding machines and other conveying accessories.

North Queensland Fresh